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Stone Coated Steel Roofing Oklahoma

Choosing a roof for your home involves many variables. Here in Oklahoma where roof damage comes from many sources including wind, hail and ice. You need a roof that stands up to Oklahoma weather.

Stone Coated Steel Roofs Add Value

A properly installed Gerard stone coated steel roof is designed and installed to last a lifetime. Enhancing the value of your home. Many features of a Gerard stone coated steel roof are of major importance to perspective home buyers, not to mention the fully transferable warranty.

Stone Coated Steel Roofs Are Durable

The Gerard roof system uses interlocking panels and batten-mounting. This interlocking system provides structural integrity. The Gerard interlocking system creates an effective solution for freeze/thaw cycles, against wind uplift, and The design provides superior resistance to wind uplift. Most manufacturers categorize wind as an "Act of God" and do not warranty damage by wind. Gerard provides homeowners with a wind warranty. Of course Oklahoma roofs must withstand hail and the Gerard stone coated steel has been laboratory tested and shown to withstand 3" simulated hailstones, while other roofs showed severe damage.

Stone Coated Steel Roofs Save You Money

Gerard stone coated steel roofs eliminate roof repairs. And if you choose Gerard for your first roof you will avoid the 3 roof replacements you would normally incur. With a Gerard roof you have a fully transferable warranty that turns your roof into a negotiating tool for your asking price. Thanks to Gerard's batten and counter batten installation, you will enjoy lower summer and winter utility bills. Insurance companies love our Gerard stone coated steel roofs, they know the need to repair or replace a roof is greatly reduced.

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Gerard Roofing Technologies (“Gerard”) are proud to offer this Lifetime Limited Warranty which we hope you will find clear and easy to understand.
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