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Roof Repair Tulsa Oklahoma

When your roof has a leak, your sense of safety is affected. Knowing that the roof over your head is keeping your home and family dry and safe is extremely important. At Nichtech our skilled professionals can assess your Tulsa Oklahoma roof and help you understand why it is leaking. We will then suggest and the best course of action for roof repair.

Storm Damage for Roof Assessment and Repair

Weather can affect your roof. In Oklahoma we deal with hail, wind and ice storms. Those storms can affect your roof in many ways. A wind storm can cause your shingles to pull up and affect the integrity of the water resistance. You may end up with a leak that allows water to enter your home. Ice storms can create lift of the shingles that also impact water resistance and the integrity of your roof. Hail storms give your roof a beating that can cause shingles to crack, allowing water to find its way inside your home. Water entering your home over time can cause other structural problems and health problems. We can track down those leaks and manage a roof repair in Tulsa and across Oklahoma to eliminate those issues.

Commercial or Residential Roof Repair Oklahoma

The professionals at Nichtech Roofing are competent in roof repair for Metal Roofs, Asphalt Shingle Roofs as well as TPO Roofing.

Assistance with Roof Repair or Replacement Claims

It is obvious when a tree limb impacts your roof. Other storm damage such as wind damage, ice damage and hail damage are not as easy to determine. Our expert roofing professionals can document your damage and provide claims assistance. At Nichtech Roofing we help protect your home from further damage. We also get your roof repaired quickly and efficiently. No more waiting for weeks for a Tulsa roof repair or across Oklahoma.


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