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Roof Leaks

Have you noticed a water stain on your ceiling or wall? Can you hear water dripping when it rains? It is time for a roof inspection because you most likely have a roof leak. As a local roofing company,  we will assess your roof and help you understand why it is leaking and the best course of action to take,  whether that will be a roof repair or a roof replacement.

When your roof leaks, your sense of safety is affected. Knowing that the roof over your head is keeping your home and family dry and safe is extremely important. Your roof is what keeps the rest of your home safe from the elements.  If your home has a leak it can be due to many different factors; hail damage, wind damage, worn out roof flashing, old roof or even poor installation of your current roof.  Maybe you are just worried that your roof might leak.

Weather affects your roof, even heat from sunshine. In Oklahoma we deal with hail, wind, tornadoes and ice storms. A wind storm can cause your shingles to pull up and affect the integrity of the water resistance. You may end up with a leaky roof that allows water to enter your home. Water entering your home over time can cause other structural problems and health problems. We will track down those leaks and repair your roof to eliminate those issues. Ice storms can create lift of the shingles that also impact water resistance and the integrity of your roof. Hail storms give your roof a beating that can cause shingles to crack, allowing water to find its way inside your home. 

It is obvious when a tree limb impacts your roof. Other storm damage such as wind damage, ice damage and hail damage are not as easy to determine. Our expert roofing professionals can document your damage and provide claims assistance. At Nichtech Roofing we help protect your home from further damage. We also get your roof fixed quickly and efficiently. No more waiting for weeks for a roof repair in Oklahoma. 

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Causes of Roof Damage:

You have an old roof:
  This is a common cause for roof leaks.  Keeping your gutters and roof cleaned of debris can slow down the aging of your roof.  Neglecting proper roof maintenance will cause it to wear out faster.  If you see roof shingles curling, cupping or cracking then your roof probably needs to be replaced due to age.  Let our experts take a look at your roof and determine if it is time to repair your roof or if a roof replacement is in order.  Now would be an excellent time to look at our Storm Proof Roofing Systems, the last roof you will ever need. Our roofing estimates are free.

Storm damage to your roof:  Living in Oklahoma we are all familiar with storm damage.  You have probably suffered through some storm damage already.   If you have an asphalt roof, the stone granules start to erode over time.  You have probably seen this in your gutters.  Storms will make these granules come off even quicker.  High winds can pull shingles right off the roof and limbs from trees can fall on your roof causing extensive damage.  If you have a damaged roof, call our roofing experts in the Tulsa area. We will do a damage assessment and estimate.  Then we will help guide you in determining whether or not to file a claim with your insurance company and whether your roof needs repair or replacement.

Roof was improperly installed:  It happens.  We have seen a lot of this.  After a massive storm, some unethical roofers will swarm an area offering to repair or replace your roof.  They convince homeowner’s that they can get a new roof at a discount and will sometimes promise to swallow your deductible.  Sometimes you don't even need a new roof, just a roof repair. They frequently use the cheapest materials they can and don't install the roof properly.  They will then slap as many roofs on a house as they can and leave town.  Leaving you with a mess when your roof starts to have problems.  Always be sure to check your roofer out at the Better Business Bureau, and check on their roofer’s license.  Ask for references and look for reviews online, if they don't have a website, you should steer clear.  Be sure to have a roofing company you can trust. 

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Signs you need a roofing contractor in Oklahoma

  • Water stains on ceiling or walls
  • Chimney leaking
  • Missing Shingles
  • Rotting wood around your eaves
  • Cracked flashing
  • Sagging roof
  • Hail Damage
  • Wind Damage

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