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Tips for Filing a Roof Replacement Claim

Understanding Actual Cash Values, Depreciation Factors, ever changing deductibles and how you recover the money needed to make repairs can be confusing. Having a contractor who understands storm damage is an important part of the relationship between you and your insurance company. Your deductible is the same regardless of who you use, so choose a contractor who looks out for your interest.
Nichtech Roof Systems can assist and walk you through the process. We work with insurance companies every day and we understand how to get all the money you’re entitled to. As the owner of Nichtech Roof Systems, I have personally trained over 15,000 roofing professionals throughout North America in Hail and Wind Damage Assessment, Proper Application Techniques, Roofing Safety, Understanding Ventilation and many other topics related to the roofing industry.
My students included Insurance Agents, Claims Adjusters, Home Inspectors, Roofing Contractors, Architect’s, School and Hospital Officials, Real Estate Professionals, and many others. My unique background is used in every claim negotiation. My staff is well versed in the art of insurance negotiation and we handle every claim as if it were our own home.
We are not satisfied until you’re satisfied, if you’re looking for personalized attention to your claim and solutions to your roofing needs, you have come to the right place. Call Nichtech Roof Systems today! 

3 Tips for filing a roof damage claim

#1 – Look for Damage After a Storm

  • If you have damages that need immediate repair, contact your agent immediately for authorization to make any temporary repairs necessary to prevent further damage to your property.
  • Your insurance company will usually require receipts for any emergency repairs you have done in order to reimburse you correctly.
  • We suggest that you take pictures of the damage prior to any repairs being made.  This documents the damage for the insurance company.  If you can, take pictures of any hail stones still left.
  • Do not make any permanent repairs until the insurance claims adjuster has had the opportunity to inspect the damaged area. 

#2 – Get an inspection and estimate from a trusted roofing company

  • If you feel your home has sustained damage but does not need immediate attention, we suggest you first contact a contractor and request an inspection.
  • Most legitimate contractors offer a free inspection and estimate.
  • If your contractor feels you have sufficient damage to warrant a claim, he will encourage you to contact your agent and request an inspection from your insurance carrier.
  • This step is important because if you have no damage, you are frowned upon by the insurance carrier for filing a claim.
  • Don't sign anything from your contractor at this point.  Some Roof Inspection Reports have contingency contracts in the fine print.  This will tie you into using that contractor.  They can have nasty clauses written in, like 20% cancellation fees, insurance payments sent directly to the roofing company, and appointing that roofing company as your agent in dealing with the insurance company.

#3 – Contact your insurance company

  • If it is decided you have enough damage to warrant filing a roof damage claim, call your insurance agent.  They will help you start a claim with your insurance company.
  • A claims adjuster will contact you to make an appointment for a roof inspection.
  • Have your roofing contractor be there for the meeting with the claims adjuster.  Roofing experts, like Nichtech Roofing, have a more thorough knowledge of roofs and we frequently see damage that a claims adjuster will miss.
  • Wait for the insurance claims examiner to get back in touch with you.  They will now have an estimate of the damages and once you have that you can begin repairs.

Nichtech Roofing is here to help you.  We understand the insurance claims process and will help you get the right repairs for your situation.  We will make sure that your roof replacement or repair is done quickly and accurately.  If your roof was recently damaged, give us a call and we will schedule a free roof inspection with one of our roofing experts.


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As a Tulsa roofing contractor we provide free estimates to the owner of residential properties.  When getting an estimate, it is important to understand what all is included.  Look at the type of roofing material, as well as underlayments included.  Depending on your existing roof, a tear-off may be required.  We will call to make an appointment to review the roofing estimate and answer all your questions.